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Transit Website Sep 05

Announcing the Launch of the New Cascades East Transit Website

Author: Judy | Posted on

Cascades East Transit is pleased to announce the launch of our new website! In an effort to make information about public transportation more convenient, CET worked with Savy Agency to develop a user-friendly, responsive new website. The website features routes and schedules, a convenient tool to plan your trip, and easy navigation to access everything you need to know about CET. In the coming months the Transit Tracker tool will be launched to find out where exactly your bus is and when it’s going to arrive.

Whether traveling on fixed-routes within the city of Bend, between cities or using season shuttle services like Ride the River and the Mt. Bachelor Shuttle, you’ll be able to access everything you need to know for on the new CET website.

New CET Website Features

  • Responsive, to be user friendly on any device
  • Trip planner
  • Purchase fares online
  • Convenient service alerts

When it comes to public transit, the new and improved Cascades East Transit website can now be your go-to resource. Be the first to know about Service Alerts affecting your route, buy fares online and soon track your bus from your mobile phone while waiting at the bus stop. With an easy-to-use and beautifully designed interface, riding CET has never been easier.

We’re excited to make the Cascades East Transit online experience more user friendly. Visit the new Cascades East Transit website to view routes and schedules, buy fares, track your bus and plan your next trip, whether it be for work, school, assistance or just for fun.

2 responses to “Announcing the Launch of the New Cascades East Transit Website

  1. Is there any chance you could add an earlier route from madras to Redmond if I could catch an earlier bus to the Redmond library and catch that 6 am bus I’d, make to my job in bend on time right now I’m struggling to get to work on time because of the scheduling and I don’t how much longer my employer will understand

  2. Unfortunately last Saturday, December 10th, when the decision was made to go to a “Saturday snow schedule,” no one took into account the fact that the last runs of the day were canceled.
    On a normal Saturday I leave work at 4 p.m., catch the 4 from Cascade Village usually about 20 after. If the bus driver hasn’t called ahead for me, the 5 and 6 are usually gone by the time we pull into the station. In that event, I can still take the 7 that leaves at 5:04 and get home.
    Well, last Saturday the 4 left the station going out about 4:30 and when we arrived at the station at the end of the run there were no other bus options. Everyone was gone, no buses, no security, pitch dark and icy cold. I was stranded. I had no options and no way to get home. Not the 5, not the 6, and not the 7.
    (Besides myself a younger man was also stranded, but I didn’t see where he went.) I am an elderly disabled woman with limited mobility and limited resources. I could not afford to call for a cab. Nor would I have been safe waiting for one in the dark alone in that neighborhood.
    Without options I was forced to avail myself of an offer from a stranger who took pity on me and offered me a ride. (I don’t need to tell you how that “could” have ended if you ever watch the news.) Otherwise I would have been trudging through the dark and snow from Hawthorne station to St. Charles. I doubt that I would have made it. Honestly. Headline – Elderly Woman Found Frozen When Cascade East Transit Fails to Provide Service.
    My point being that the altered schedule did not take into account the needs and or safety of the community ridership. By eliminating those final runs the CET not just inconvenienced me (and others), but actually endangered me.
    Certainly there must be a solution to this problem? The last runs not eliminated? Communication between drivers so no one is left behind. (Late is better than not at all.)
    In conclusion, (yes, finally) I felt you needed to be informed of the situation arising from the “Saturday snow schedule” debacle and the potentially lethal consequences of the short sightedness of such. Quite frankly I am disappointed.

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