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The fare policy is used to provide direction in making decisions about changes in the fare structure and major service changes. The policy guidelines specify the process COIC will use when considering changes to the fare structure and major fare changes for its public transportation services. This Fare Policy applies to both the fixed-route, regional demand response and Bend Dial-a-Ride services.

  1. To promote ridership by making the fare structure attractive to users
  2. To encourage the farebox recovery ratio
  3. To improve the efficiency of fare collection
  4. To set out a public process to be used when the system considers major service charges.
  1. Recommendations for changes in the fare or major service changes will be developed by staff and the Regional Public Transportation Advisory Committee (RPTAC). In formulating recommendations, RPTAC will conduct a public meeting to receive oral and written comment from the public on whether transit and/or demand response fares shall be increased or major service changes should occur. At least fourteen days notice will be provided of this meeting by publication in a regional newspaper. The notice shall include the time and location of the public meeting, a summary of proposed language, specify the address where written comments can be mailed and inform the public of alternative formats available to assist in this public process.


The COIC Board will review the PTAC/staff recommendation at a public hearing, after which, the Board may change the fares by formal adoption or amendment to the Fare Schedule as part of the Regional Fare and Service Change Policy by roll call.


  1. When considering changes to the fare, the staff, PTAC, and the Board will consider:
  • The inflation rate
  • Ridership and revenue trends
  • Local economic trends
  • Trends in automobile-related costs, such as gas
  • Service changes
  • Economic impact on customers
  • Market conditions and opportunities
  • CET’s financial situation
  • CET's goals and objectives


This policy statement lists the most important factors to be considered in making recommendations for changes to the fare structure. The list of factors to be evaluated is not meant to be exclusive; other factors may need to be considered from year to year.


  1. Except for special discount fares, the Bend Dial-a-Ride fare should exceed the fare of the fixed-route system to reflect the higher cost of a Bend Dial-a-Ride trip and to encourage use of the fixed-route system when possible. By law, Dial-a-Ride fares cannot exceed twice the regular fixed-route fare.
  2. Increases in the farebox recovery ratio should be pursued primarily by improving the ridership productivity of the system and by improving internal operating efficiency.
  3. Prepayment of fares on the fixed-route system shall be encouraged. Accordingly, passes should be priced below the cash fare.
  4. Increases to the base fixed-route fare will be reviewed periodically and changes should be rotated by fare category. This policy directs that changes in the fare be incremental in nature to avoid large "catch-up" increases. Rotating fare increases by fare type allows customers to choose a fare type that is not increasing in cost that year.
  5. Recommendations for fare changes will be developed prior to the budget process each spring for the following fiscal year.
  1. Fare promotions can be used to attract new riders to the fixed-route system.
  1. Discounted fares may be used to encourage ridership during traditionally low-demand periods.
  1. Fare payment options that effectively attract a different market segment or encourage increased use of the bus by current riders shall be developed. The fare payment options should be made conveniently available to customers.
  1. The design and number of fare payment instruments shall consider the ease of enforcement by bus operators and ease of understanding by customers.


Notice of Exclusion

Exclusion notices may be issued to riders who violate the rider rules of conduct or refuse driver safety instruction. Exclusion notices may only be issued by Cascades East Transit supervisory or managerial staff. When possible, a supervisor will arrive on site to assess a situation, and if appropriate, deliver the notice, including length of exclusion, violation and a description of the event to the rider. A supervisor or manager may also issue an exclusion and attempt to deliver to a known address or deliver via police officer or case manager. If the name and address of an excluded rider is unknown, a picture and description may be posted in an Employee Only area. If the excluded individual presents themselves at a bus stop, the driver should request supervisor assistance for delivery of the exclusion notice.

The policy will be enforced according to the information below:

Weapons on buses or other transit property Consumption of alcoholic beverage or open container Violation of smoke/tobacco-free campus Use of profanity or vulgar language Refusal to reduce noise from radio, personal device or cell phone Eating or drinking (other than a spill proof container) on bus Any Criminal Activity Disruptive or threatening behavior Fare fraud
1st exclusion Supervisor's Discretion 30 days 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week Supervisor's Discretion 30 days 30 days
2nd exclusion Supervisor's Discretion 60 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days Supervisor's Discretion 60 days 60 days
3rd exclusion Supervisor's Discretion 1 year Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion
4th exclusion Supervisor's Discretion Permanent Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion Supervisor's Discretion
Appeal Process

An excluded rider has the right to appeal the exclusion by submitting within 14 days of the exclusion notice a request in writing. The request should contain the reason you are appealing and your modification request. Please include any pertinent explanation or supporting information. The process is as follows:

Step 1 - Mail or deliver your appeal to Cascades East Transit within 14 days. Your appeal will be assigned to the Quality Assurance Lead for investigation.

Cascades East Transit
Attn: Quality Assurance Lead
343 E. Antler Ave.
Redmond, OR 97756

Step 2 - You will receive a written response to your request within 10 business days of receipt of your request. Based on your information and investigation of the complaint, an exclusion may be upheld, removed, shortened or modified to allow transit use for work or medical purposes, or other remedies. Any further violations can result in additional exclusions, including permanent exclusion.

Step 3 - If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal made by CET on exclusions two months or longer, you can mail an appeal to the Central Oregon Regional Public Transportation Advisory Committee (RPTAC). You have the right to present information during the public comment period held at the beginning of RPTAC meetings and will be notified of the date, time and location. RPTAC meeting schedules can be accessed under the "About" page on CET's website.

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council/Cascades East Transit

Attn: Regional Public Transportation Advisory Committee

334 NE Hawthorne Ave.

Bend, OR 97701


Lost and Found

If you lose something while riding on a bus, report it as soon as possible. Please call 541-385-8680 during business hours, provide a description of the lost item and let us know the route number, and the date and time of the loss. If you find something on a bus, please notify the driver.

Reservation Hours:
Monday- Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm

866-385-8680 (toll free)

Regional Fare & Service Change Policy
(adopted 2/3/11)