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Rt. 26 Redmond Prineville
Rt. 28 Redmond Sisters
Rt. 29 Bend Sisters
Rt. 30 La Pine Bend
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CET Rider Rules of Conduct

• No weapons or firearms on the bus.
• No consumption of alcohol, open alcohol containers, or possession of illegal drugs on the bus or transit property.
• No disruptive behavior, profanity, or vulgar language.
• Reduce noise from radio, personal device or cell phone if requested by a driver.
• No eating or smoking on the bus, and no smoking within 20 feet of an open transit vehicle door.
• Seat belts are required when buses are equipped with seatbelts.
• Wheelchairs must be secured in designated securement area.
• Passengers must control their parcels on the bus and load and unload in one trip. Leaking bags or bags that are so big or numerous that they block aisles aren’t allowed. If your item or items obstruct access or poses a safety risk, you might be asked to wait for the next vehicle to come along — or in some cases, not board at all.
• Strollers should be collapsed and ready to carry on the bus.
• Drinks in spill-proof containers only.
• Two children ages five and under accompanied by a paying adult may ride for no extra charge.
• Personal care assistants (PCAs) are required to pay a fare when accompanying an individual on Bend’s fixed-route system and CET’s Community Connector buses.
Please note: Exclusion notices may be issued to riders who violate the CET bus
rules or refuse driver safety instructions.
Notice of Video and Audio Surveillance – Vehicles and primary transit facilities
are equipped with surveillance systems. Video and/or audio may be recorded.