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May 18

Route 12 and Route 7 Courtney Drive stops will be eliminated starting July 2, 2018

Author: Derek Hofbauer | Posted on

As part of a system efficiency measure, route 12 will be eliminated and four stops will be closed along Route 7 (27th and Conners Ave; Courtney Dr. and 27th; Conners Ave. and Courtney Dr; Conners Ave and Doctors Dr.). Changes will go into effect on July 1, 2018.  Check below for route specific information about these Bend fixed route service changes. We apologize for any inconvenience these service changes may cause you. If you need assistance planning a transit trip on another route or would like information about our Dial-a-Ride program, please call 541-385-8680.

Route 12 elimination  (espanol)

Route 7 stop closures (espanol)


15 responses to “Route 12 and Route 7 Courtney Drive stops will be eliminated starting July 2, 2018

  1. Hi! I get the minutes for the RPTAC meetings. The agenda for the May 24 meeting listed Service Modification Proposal and had flyers for routes 7 and 12 attached, but said nothing about the elimination of route 6. By accident, I happened to see a flyer about potential closure of Route 6 at a bus stop I don’t use. I often take Route 5 to work and return on route 6. The flyer said to go to the website for more information.

    So, I went to the website and found notice of the route closure buried under ‘news’. The only infornation available is the same as the flyer.

    How is route 5 supposed to serve ‘the same area’? It only goes one way,

    Please let me know how Route 5 is supposed to serve northeast Bend with the elimination of route 6. And, include this information on your website!

    Also, why don’t you have potential route closures listed as Alerts at the beginning of your website? And why don’t you have warning flyers posted at every stop on route 6? And why don’t you provide complete agendas for your RPTAC meetings?

    I look forward to the answers to these questions!

  2. RE : proposed changes to route #7
    I don’t want the changes on that route.

    It makes me have to cross 27th street without a safe crosswalk to go to medical appointments at Mosaic Medical in the Pacific Source building. So does route #5. It is unsafe.

    It requires a long walk which not everyone can do, or dial-a-ride which not everyone can use, or a taxi which not everyone can afford, or friends/family to provide transportation, which not everyone has available.

    I have used the other stops Courtney & Doctors Drive for my other medical providers. It seems like eliminating the stops in this area is creating another barrier to access to needed health care, both private and a variety of Deschutes County public services.

    Public transportation in this area seems like a very useful and important service as Bend will continue to grow. As the community grows so does the need for public transportation access in all areas of healthcare, for people of all ages.

    Please, Please reconsider the proposed changes. And or please, please, someone provide a safe crosswalk at the 27th & Conners intersection.

    Thank You,
    Loni Michelle

  3. Could you please let us know why you are planning on making these changes. I see a lot of people utilize the stops that you are eliminating on route 7. It is also nice to be able to catch route 5 or 6 depending on where your stop is rather than having to ride the entire route (ie… stops that are at the beginning of 5 are at the end of 6 and vice versa).

  4. Hi Ellen,

    Thank you for submitting your questions. The Route 6 proposal did eventually make it into the RPTAC agenda packet and it was discussed during the meeting. We posted information about route 6 at various stops and on the buses and there is also information and comment cards at Hawthorne Station. Additionally, drivers handed out surveys on routes 6,7 and 12 to get feedback from riders regarding these proposed changes. Route 5 serves the same geography as route 6 – it just goes the opposite direction. CET is working collaboratively with funding partners to try and preserve route 6, as many people depend on that service (as noted in all of the comments we received). One reason the proposal changes are posted in the news section is so we can link them to Facebook and Twitter posts that go out so there is more detailed information. In the future, we will consider using the alerts module as well for any potential service changes – it’s a good idea. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Hi Christa,
    We realize people utilize the stops we are proposing to eliminate along route 7; however, the buses lose significant time when traveling down Courtney due to cars parked on both sides of a narrow street. It is also really dangerous in the winter months to navigate that street. It is important for us to stay on schedule so that people can make their next connections and reach intended destinations. The Dial-a-Ride service is an option for people who need access to services in that area and Route 5 and 6 will still continue to service the stops on 27th and Courtney. CET is about to embark on an 18 month planning process to evaluate efficiencies in the system – we are hopeful to enhance our service along 27th street in the near future.

  6. You guys better not shut down route 6. You need to be increasing services, not reducing them, or you’ll never get more people to use the bus. If you keep offering less and less, you’ll have less and less customers until there’s nothing left. Others have pointed out that your notifications for this process are lackluster at best and I agree. I found out randomly and could have easily missed it completely.

  7. I am shocked to read about the possible elimination of bus Route 6 and removal of cruicial stops along Route 7. The stops along Route 7 that are being considered for removal are near businesses and agencies we riders and community citizens rely on. The Deschutes County Health Services building and WIC office are on Courtney Road. These agencies provide public services to everyday Bendites as well as  homeless and low income citizens (who are your primary customers).
    I understand Courtney is a huge challenge for your bus drivers. The drivers do a great job of navigating that route.
    THE BUS SYSTEM WAS APPROVED BY THE CITY OF BEND TO REDUCE TRAFFIC CONGESTION. The cars need to be removed, not the busses. Employees and patrons of that area should be given more incentives to ride the bus or carpool, such as a fee for on-street parking, monthly bus passes at reduced rates, carpool clubs and more.
    Do not punish faithful, paying bus patrons for the poor parking and driving choices of other citizens. Us bus riders are doing our part to help reduce traffic congestion and lower the number of cars on the road, let’s get the rest of the town on board (or on the bus)!

  8. PLEASE don’t eliminate Route 6!
    I bought and moved across town specifically to have access to better bus service!
    My neighborhood just grew by 40 homes and anticipates more (Land Trust building low-income, family Cottages, adjacent to 27th & Starlight).
    signed: Senior citizen who depends on winter bus service and anticipates soon giving up driving–both for safety sake.

  9. Hi Derek – I read in the paper today that Route 6 is going to be saved for at least a year. Good news! I would like to suggest that this update be included on the website since the existing information (May 18 ‘News’) indicates it is likely to be cut.

  10. We were able to preserve route 6 thanks to the City of Bend and our other funding partners!

  11. Hi Sarah, we are hoping we can bring those stops back in the near future and we are working with the City of Bend on solutions. The good news is that we were able to save route 6 – thanks for your comments!

  12. Hi Erik – we were able to preserve route 6 thanks to the City of Bend and our other funding partners.

  13. Hi Loni, I believe the City just finished a crosswalk project right at 27th and Conners. Routes 5 and 6 still service the stops at 27th and Courtney, so there is an opportunity to use those routes to access those stops. Thanks for your comments.

  14. I’m shocked that all of the bus stops along Route 7 Courtney/Conners loop are being eliminated. There are a ton of people (me included) who utilize the stops along that loop to access mental health/WIC/Dr. Weeks/St. Charles/Mosaic Medical and the list can go on. I understand the concern about cars parking tight on the street in the winter, wasn’t that why the city made the loop a “snow no parking zone”? Why couldn’t you just eliminate most of the stops on the loop and keep the one on the end?

  15. HI Michele,

    Thanks for your comment. It has proven very difficult to keep Route 7 on time given the current route through those narrow streets. Simply put, a bus and a car cannot fit on that street going in opposite directions. Those situations are dangerous, as either the car must stop and move over to allow enough room for the vehicles to pass one another. Route 7 will still serve St. Charles and the stops along Courtney and 27th can still be accessed by Routes 5 and 6. Dial-A-Ride is also an option to access those stops.

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